Welcome to the new Ve.Ri.Tex s.r.l website. Veritex was founded in 1986 by a team of people of high experience in the textile market, with the intention of supporting and assisting thoroughly the textile market businesses, maintaining the textile plants and offering to their clients high quality machine parts.

Veritex srl offers in the main textile districts and poles fast answers and actions to the customer numerous requests.

The perfect combination of sales employees and qualified technicians offer to the numerous users and owners of the circular knitting machines a valid support.

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Orizio John/c

Single knit circular knitting machine for Jersey and basic single knit fabric structures on four cam tracks. In the raceways machines, it is the perfect compromise between high production, quality and operational facility. Our experience, placed at your service, makes you a winner under all aspects. Appreciated in the markets also in small diameters for the production of ‘Body-Size‘ side seamless garments.

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